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How to drive your BMW Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle efficiently – BMW How-to

Using your BMW Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle as efficiently as possible is quite easy. Make sure you charge your BMW as often as possible and that your vehicle is preconditioned before starting your journey. These functions can also be controlled via the BMW Connected App. In BMWs with Operating System 7, the most efficient way of driving is in HYBRID ECO PRO Mode.

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The BMW Driver’s Guide app specifically describes the equipment and functions included in the vehicle. The Owner’s Handbook is available as an app in many countries. You will find further information on the Internet at:

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Space lover 02 декабря 2019 года в 19:31 3
I love every bmw. Hope you win every award and le mans!!!😍😍😍
Lautaro Fernández Calcaño 02 декабря 2019 года в 21:49 1
Nice info! Just need a hybrid bmw to try it 😪
ashlin kumar 03 декабря 2019 года в 18:42 1
Such a lovely one
Lucas Sitanggang 03 декабря 2019 года в 03:22 1
Perfect BMW, but I prefer petrol than electric
Macharia Waithira 02 декабря 2019 года в 20:10 2
My dream car
Nico Anker 04 декабря 2019 года в 01:52 0
I like the BMW 5 serie.
confinez555 06 декабря 2019 года в 18:04 0
In my 330e F30. If you need high effeciency, saving most of fuel consumption. All you can do is to put it in Sport Mode. In order to make it hybrid. Because in comfort and eco pro it just waste all of the electric and runs out so fast. And i also finds out that auto e drive is best for long commute. The save battery mode is actually useless (Fuel runs out really fast especially in traffic) Good thing BMW improves their edrive system. But sad for me F30 isnt up to this option. Hope this will be the lesson they learned. Electric is a new thing, Always research first before you think of an driving system.
Malik Misbah 03 декабря 2019 года в 01:55 0
I like
P-O 02 декабря 2019 года в 20:35 0
If only... got my brand new 2020 BMW 530e 3 weeks ago and connected drive won't work (android app), can't send anything to the car. Also it pings every day that the break fluid had to be changed December 2001, 18 years before the car was manufactured... BMW, great car, horrible software... No ETA when it will be fixed from the dealer