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Honda FCX Clarity zero-emissions, Hydrogen-powered electric concept car

We travel to the moon-like island of Gotland, Sweden to see a £5million car running in Europe for the first time. The Honda FCX Clarity is an environmentally friendly, zero emissions, hydrogen powered, electric car.


"We are here on the beautiful island of Gotland, belonging to Sweden. Gotland is a very good example for how the future could look in terms of sustainable energy. Gotland has lots of wind power available with which you could generate Hydrogen — and that is the fuel which our car needs.

The FCX concept car is a demonstration of what has been achieved at Honda in terms of fuel cell technology. As you know, we have air pollution problems which we almost solved so far, we have further the CO2 issue which is for global warming and therefore we have to be simply renewable.

The fuel cell works simply as an electric vehicle, we have no real batteries on board, we utilise the Hydrogen to run in an electrochemical process. The electricity generated we use for the propulsion by electric motor.

Well of course Honda is the largest producer of internal combustion engines which means more than 21 million. The ultimate goal is to fuel cell technology for Honda.

We are considering an approach which is called Honda Home Energy Station where we create Hydrogen through a reforming process out of natural gas as one solution. We can also run a fuel cell within this system to generate electricity and heat for any home or household.

The performance of the concept car is quite remarkable because we have achieved maximum speed of 160 km per hour, calculated range of 570 km per one charge within the tank. Quite a remarkable achievement.

And the future car is actually a hint to what is coming at the end of 2008, probably. Most of the stations already have the availability of natural gas and there is no big thing to convert it to Hydrogen. We have to form one concentrated way in how we promote future technologies which are green, and especially sustainable. And I hope for Europe that we can come together to join forces on fuel cell development and actually bring those cars to the market soon."

The Honda FCX Clarity concept.

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