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About the Honda i-DTEC Accord diesel engine: cleaner and better for the environment

Honda’s newest, cleanest diesel engine — the i-DTEC — debuted in the latest Accord with lower CO2, NOx and particulate emissions.

John Kingston, Honda Environment Manager, says:

"The most amazing part of the drive was the realisation that we managed to make an already refined engine even smoother and more powerful. At Honda, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact — there’s a longstanding heritage in this — be it in marine engines, motorcycles, and also our cars.

I-DTEC is Honda’s next generation diesel engine, built on the hugely successful i-CTDi . The i-DTEC is smoother, it’s more powerful, and critically — it’s cleaner. There’s less NOx, less particulates, and the i-DTEC is Euro-5 compliant, making the whole range of engines in the new Accord Euro-5 compliant.

This has been achieved through multi-stage fuel injection technology, more effective exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel particulate filter. We’re all really surprised at how there was power, smooth and how much more refined the i-DTEC technology was on an already award-winning CTDi engine.

We’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products and lowering our CO2 emissions. Honda’s approach is to use hybrid technology in our small- to medium-sized vehicles. We’re already seeing that with the Civic Hybrid. In early 2009 we’ll see Honda’s global hybrid and following that there’ll be a sports hybrid — so effective, clean hybrid technology in our small to medium-size vehicles.

In our medium to larger vehicles, we’ll be using our clean diesel technology — the i-DTEC engine — to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from our larger vehicles.

It’s because of our commitment to reducing Honda’s environmental impact that we’re working on these technologies — from hybrids to clean diesels, to ultimately fuel cells and the iconic FCX Clarity is the best example of this."

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