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Опубликовано 16 апреля 2009 года
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The new Honda Accord: comfort, refinement, premium features and technology

The new Accord boasts a more involving drive with improved dynamics, comfort and stability. This video explains all the premium features you’ll find in the refined Accord.


Immediately you sit in the car, you feel cossetted, you feel part of the car, there’s a cockpit environment. And when you touch every aspect of the car, the materials feel right, the switches feel solid, there’s a positive movement. And it’s those touchpoints that we believe are absolutely critical to making that driver environment one that the driver believes in, feels comfortable in and has the real confidence.

For me, the driver position is fantastic. Particularly in the GT form, it feels sporty, you sit in the driver’s seat, you’re hugged by the seat, your steering wheel feels like it’s sports-derivative. And then the actual drive is so involving, you feel at one with the car. It does deliver on that experience.

We focussed very much on delivering dynamics that are best-in-class. So we’ve measured it against the BMW 3-series which we believed was up to now, the best, and I think we’ve delivered against that.

It is a lovely car to drive. I’ve driven it many times now. It is in my opinion a superior product to its predecessor, and will go towards competing in the premium sector.

Really I think the key is when you drive the car, you’re going to feel the difference. I mean the looks are good but the actual road holding — the investment that’s been made in the new suspension at the back is going to give it a much more involving drive.

This is a car that not only will deliver comfort and refinement but also the thrill of what Honda stands for — great engines and a great chassis with high levels of technology.

I think for customers that driving experience will be something that they will relish. And that’s what part of the Accord refinement is about. A sporty car but one that is also very very enjoyable to drive.

Honda — The Power of Dreams.

#The Power of Dreams

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