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Explaining the technology in the new Honda Accord — CMBS, ADAS, Lane Keep Assist and more

The Accord features a suite of sector-leading safety technology, some of which is completely new to the D-sector. In this video, we describe some of this technology that’s gone into the car and what it does.


"At Honda, we’ve got a tradition of introducing innovation into our products. It’s absolutely the centre of what we do. The ADAS technology clearly is leading within the industry but it’s not technology for technology’s sake, and it’s not technology that takes away the control from the driver.

We designed the Accord so the driver feels part of the car, therefore for us to employ technology that would prevent that in any way just would not make sense."

"CMBS is active safety technology. It’s based on a sensor which is on the front of the car and comes into operation if you’re travelling too fast in relation to an object or a car in front of you. It won’t necessarily prevent an accident or stop the car but it’ll mitigate that impact.

It’s really E-sector executive technology seen in a D-sector vehicle for the first time and demonstrates the high level of specification available on the new Accord."

"Lane Keep Assist through a camera system in the car actually monitors your position within the lane of the road. It certainly provides you with comfort knowing that if you do just get distracted for that second, it just gives you that little bit of input onto the steering wheel or the audible warning or the visual warning that just kind of prompts you to get back into the zone and get focussed."

"There’s also an Adaptive Cruise Control which will help in assisting driver comfort and reducing driver fatigue. But it’s not just these technologies — the driving position, the seating and the interior have all been designed to aid driver comfort."

"But actually also technology isn’t all for safety — we’re introducing on this car climate control that actually knows where the sun is using the GPS system on board, and actually that means that it knows where to put the cooling. So where the sun is on the car it can increase the cooling. So very much a comfort feature that brings another level to climate control.

"The item that the customer will appreciate most is probably the quality feeling around the driver, starting with the high quality audio system. This feature allows the customer to connect a mobile music player such as an iPod over a USB connection. These are small things but ones that the customer will appreciate the most."

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. There will be a thousand things that a thousand different customers will like about the car in reality. But making some of the real high technology accessible in the D sector will certainly bring in a new customer who is maybe even enthralled by high technology and I think that will be a winner".

"The Accord will be one of the most advanced cars in its sector."

Honda — The Power of Dreams.

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