BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. Part 2 - КМ/Ч
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Опубликовано 02 сентября 2009 года
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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. Part 2

What is the story behind the concept car BMW Vision EfficientDynamics? Which challenges did the people behind the scenes face? Leading designers and engineers give the answers.

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Мнения и комментарии

tino dubravčić 17 декабря 2013 года в 18:51 0
Mario Majdanđić exterior designer from Croatia.Bravo Mario kralju ;)
Anthony March 28 февраля 2012 года в 02:00 0
how is the safety on this if there are fewer support brackets
Flemlen Huzer 20 февраля 2012 года в 10:36 0
Start producing stop talking
Jake Zephyr 12 января 2012 года в 22:23 0
This or Acura NSX I dont know which one is better!
DBLMusic 14 октября 2011 года в 22:57 0
goodybye Camarro...hello bmw
DBLMusic 14 октября 2011 года в 22:57 0
I absolutely love this car...I cant wait for it to be released I will be first in line to get it
xoBOSSox 29 сентября 2011 года в 19:13 0
Gotta love the germans and their cars...
xoBOSSox 29 сентября 2011 года в 19:12 0
Gotta love the germans...
Kay Alsaad 28 августа 2011 года в 02:07 0
i adore this car
skierpage 17 августа 2011 года в 06:46 0
Concept car of the millennium. Build it!
Wilander Xavier 18 мая 2011 года в 05:38 0
they must release at least a street version of this car with similat looks minus the Hybrid heart and equip it with one of their most powerfull engines to kick asses of the top sports end cars
undeny 26 апреля 2011 года в 15:33 0
Didn't realize BMW's managed with such a small staff. I bet when theyr not recording anything, they'll all just go back to light-speed,.. Now that's 'EfficientDynamics' :)!
Fill Yo Head 03 апреля 2011 года в 18:03 0
Im typin with one hand if u know what i mean!!!
VibTshaisXyooj 25 января 2011 года в 12:25 0
This is the only BMW car that I like! It is very awesome!
José Sousa 24 января 2011 года в 21:12 0
@chilliChips, How does softcore porn music sound? IDK that.... how do y.... oh wait....
Dor Gor 06 ноября 2010 года в 12:28 0
@Large1945 dude its a brand new designed bmw. i am fairly confident in saying that they are one of the top 5 safest cars on the road. im sure driving one of them would be safer then your newest mazda or ford.
Dor Gor 06 ноября 2010 года в 12:27 0
@ImPuchyy anal trumpet
chilliChips 18 августа 2010 года в 09:15 0
Music sounds like softcore porn music from 0:00 to 1:14 O_O
RCLogger 24 июля 2010 года в 14:30 0
Just simply awesome!
Upendra Vikram Singh 17 июля 2010 года в 03:45 0
I am in India ....... it my dream car.......when it lunch in India....after all its German....means beautiful
ImPuchyy 29 июня 2010 года в 14:05 0
what's the name of the song that starts at 1:15 please responddd [=
Цветан Цветанов 21 июня 2010 года в 12:22 0
The new BMW cease for the future
Scoob DaHusky 10 июня 2010 года в 08:32 0
whats the name of the trance songs played in this video please tell me or someone similar to this
Gavin Ho 09 июня 2010 года в 08:32 0
BMW dont make cars, they build joy? WTF
Hollywood Douglas 23 мая 2010 года в 16:47 0
@domantux11 dunno about elsewhere, but this car will never be on the streets of the united states. No collision protection, side protection (I mean its glass...) even the Nissan Skyline has to be heavily modified before it could be made street legal in the states... This car is a fantasy for us guys. Not something we will see with current laws in america.
guitarazn90210 09 мая 2010 года в 22:41 0
Geniuses at work.
Scoob DaHusky 31 марта 2010 года в 21:39 0
what the name of the song that starts a t 1:14 please tell me
MrJDJJ1 13 февраля 2010 года в 05:30 0
How would one get a spot on the design team? I my self own a 2006 BMW M3 Love it. I would have to say that I would buy this car. I have been wanting an electric car for sometime.
Coolwave07 30 января 2010 года в 05:20 0
wow the president himself couldn't ahve said it better! u r perfectly rite! especially with this economy crisis.. we don't even know when we will get back 2 normal!
dontreadthis21 16 января 2010 года в 18:57 0
meh. Looks cool, but none of us will ever see it on any roads. Now the GT Citroen.....there's a beauty. Mmmm citroen.
AznDreamer 19 ноября 2009 года в 02:02 0
What a sexy beast . . i am drooling. Man, too bad it's just a concept. Hopefully not many things will change cuz i haven't seen any car that match up to its style.
joemchang 14 ноября 2009 года в 08:15 0
is it legal in California to marry a car? and by car I mean a concept car?
Luigi Barelli 31 октября 2009 года в 21:31 0
Actually this car won't be produce but all
the technologies that you can find on it
will equip the BMW models of the future.
Diogo Esteves 23 октября 2009 года в 12:09 0
this car wont come into production its the same crap with every concept car
Issith 10 октября 2009 года в 23:30 0
if you sold your house, you would still need more money
Tormentor 08 октября 2009 года в 07:26 0
how much this car would be about?
RudioX 06 октября 2009 года в 23:45 0
I really want to buy this car now! Even if i have to sell my house!
bradyspace 24 сентября 2009 года в 06:31 0
Ya you're right man. Then you got bicylists required to ride in the same lane of traffic as 18 wheelers meanwhile they're worried about where to put up the next speed trap camera.

Its just about dollars. Tickets make money. They out lawed chrome bumpers and subbed in cheap plastic bumpers, and company profits went up.

Look at an 1984 Taurus versus a 1964 Fairlane. Pretty much everything that made that Fairlane cool was illegal to manufacture in 1984. ...low flanks, chrome bumpers..
bradyspace 23 сентября 2009 года в 20:31 0
Ya, excellent question. That is exactly why the Aptera is such an amazing car. It is classified as a motorcycle so they didn't have to jump through hoops to bring it to market. It is loaded with safety features, probably better than the equivilant car... so why do we need those regulations again? Cheers to the aptera for literally breaking the mold on car design.
bradyspace 20 сентября 2009 года в 22:25 0
Ideally it would stay the same, but the windows don't roll down and federal regulations hasn't gotton a hold of it yet, bumpers, side impact beams etc.

The camaro and the challenger are fatty looking versions of the original 60's, 70's era cars because of all the federal mandates pushed on them.

Cars are designed by lawyers now a days.

Cool cars are illegal.
echorz 20 сентября 2009 года в 12:45 0
Really cool but we all know its going to cost at least like an R8
gcswift2 19 сентября 2009 года в 12:40 0
Don't change a thing!!! That thing is BEAUTIFUL!!! Please leave it alone. All you need to do now is make it work the way you say it does. That is up to the engineers and test drivers. Whatever you do leave that design alone. 4 minutes ago I though the 458 was the most beautiful car ever now I'm rethinking that.
Johnny C 18 сентября 2009 года в 15:05 0
Agreed, well put. Work of art, this car would blow competition out of the water. They need to make concepts into street reality and bring the future closer to the present.
Carl Swagan 16 сентября 2009 года в 11:24 0
That's what people said when car manufacturers stopped making steel boxes, and began creating lighter-weight vehicles with crumple zones. Guess who's face is red now?
Zolzar 15 сентября 2009 года в 04:54 0
Booming technology? are u retarded? I hope you ment our booming economy
Zolzar 15 сентября 2009 года в 04:50 0
A price for the car now would be almost unpredictable. This car isn't going to be coming out for a looooooong time, its still way ahead of its time. When it finally does come out it'll cost a small fortune but so does every other BMW. As for the crash test I agree with you, you can't put things that are that light without sacrificing a lot of safety
neoenix 15 сентября 2009 года в 01:35 0
ive been crying for the whole video. its such a beautiful car, superb engineering. and here i thought BMW was dying due to their recent designs. i hope this car comes out as soon as 2012.
Jake SuaVe' 15 сентября 2009 года в 01:25 0
u even no what ur talkin about
Jake SuaVe' 15 сентября 2009 года в 01:01 0
dude, if u have nothing else to say, dont go fucking urself cuz u just another sore loser. If they dont even go into details, how the hell is the car going to turn out like this. dude, ur such an airhead
ALLxNOTHING 13 сентября 2009 года в 19:08 0
Kegham Karsian 13 сентября 2009 года в 15:28 0
in 10 to 20 years
Carl Swagan 13 сентября 2009 года в 10:20 0
They don't tell you the price because it's a concept car you dumb shit. It's not for sale. It's a bunch of future idea's rolled into a car that they will incorporate into future designs of their vehicles.
xxQrchinaxx 11 сентября 2009 года в 19:32 0
best car ever
Soliditude 07 сентября 2009 года в 21:47 0
Yeah, it is definitely a magnificent car of the future. Fuel efficient and all... But it'll cost at least 100k or so. How'll an avarege person drive that? It won't cost like a Civic, and the parts are gonna be a fortune. It'll just be another exotic, so there's no point in getting up hopes about driving it. Well, unless you got a free 200k laying around in your bank account.
Alpay Toprak 05 сентября 2009 года в 19:40 0
i want to tauch! only touch!
XDNAX 05 сентября 2009 года в 11:01 0
Can I Buy It? :o
F. Xavier 05 сентября 2009 года в 00:14 0
Come on! It's a concept car. It only show trends and a design philosophy. It will never hit the streets.
Baal Zack 03 сентября 2009 года в 17:24 0
they dont talk about hp but they compare its acceleration with the m3 acceleration so u get the idea... its a sports car
& its not just looks dont be stupid
Cant wait to see this car hit the streets
TheAgentOfDeath 03 сентября 2009 года в 14:31 0
i ment ths car looks good but every thing ouse realy suck this car is only for the looks
tevi30 03 сентября 2009 года в 13:07 0
did not talked about the horse power
42sasa 02 сентября 2009 года в 23:06 0
cake cooking.. tasty
annie 02 сентября 2009 года в 22:52 0
They don't talk much about safety about the car.
Tom Eduard 02 сентября 2009 года в 20:20 0
The guy at 30 second marker reminds me of Robert Kubica. I guess RK is earning his keep :)
Nadeem Moulana 02 сентября 2009 года в 18:22 0
I this car is so damn perfect then why not build it already?
Doctor Dex 02 сентября 2009 года в 17:59 0
BMW is great this car is just perfect
tdinnovator 02 сентября 2009 года в 16:34 0
..nice mario, gratulations
realmojoo 02 сентября 2009 года в 14:10 0
well done.
Hudson Kraft 02 сентября 2009 года в 14:09 0