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Опубликовано 26 ноября 2018 года
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Skaterham Welcomes the Honda MSX125 Mini Motorbike

We take the Honda MSX 125 and introduce it to the next generation of motorcyclists at Skaterham — the UK’s only skatepark in a chapel.
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Part of the Honda philosophy is known as "Genba" ("genba, genjitsu, genbutsu," meaning to focus on the actual place, circumstances, and thing). Or in the words of Phillip Stewart from Doble Motorcycles "reaching our to your community and finding the people you’re supposed to be with".

So we decided to bring along a Honda cult motorcycle, the Honda MSX125 aka Grom. Judging by what the skaters there had to say about it, the future looks bright for the cult Honda minibike.

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