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What’s the average age of a Honda Jazz driver?

Honda’s much-loved supermini is back with even more space, versatility, smarter looks and ’big-car’ feel.

"What’s the average age of a Jazz owner?

You’re probably thinking the same as me — old. Maybe older than you think, actually. Well into their sixties, anyway. But there are good reasons for that. The Jazz is reliable, great to drive, you can fit loads of stuff in it and it’s easy to get in and out of. And what’s the problem with older people buying cars, anyway? Why is it such a big deal that grandmas also buy cars?

Well let’s face it. Older people are more experienced, wiser. We’ve probably driven more types of car and covered more miles than most. Which means we’re often more discerning. We won’t put up with poor quality or bad reliability. And why should we? Well, why should anyone?"

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